On-demand recording: Increasing transparency in supply chain project costs

As the construction sector gets ready for a post-COVID-19 world, so too does the focus on managing project costs.

For owner-operators of energy and mine assets working on a target or cost reimbursable contract basis, maintaining the focus on capital discipline will be critical to keeping control of their out-goings and being ready for the bounce back.

In this on-demand recording, Project Director David Sutherland and Associate Director Robert Doty discuss the options available to the owners of major programmes and projects to increase transparency in supply chain costs and examine:

  • How engaging and collaborating with your supply chain to better understand how costs are captured, managed and reported will play a vital role following restarts
  • What options are open to clients concerned about overspends that could occur
  • How data can help build confidence and improve outcomes in cost management

They also reveal their five top tips for increasing transparency in project costs.

Further resources

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David Sutherland
Project Director