Industrial and logistics

From warehouses to gigafactories, we are helping industrial and logistics clients win business advantage and respond to fast-moving markets.


Focusing on speed and efficiency

The industrial and logistics industries are powerhouses of global economic growth. Speed to market and operational excellence are all-important for these sectors, requiring a focus on efficiency gains and improving access to market through mergers, acquisitions or organic growth.

These diverse sectors face challenges from globalisation, digitisation, regulation, and business disruption from new entrants and the boom in e-commerce. They are responding by driving innovation and deploying new technologies such as 3D printing, robotics, artificial intelligence and materials science.

Electrification is paving the way for sustainable growth and reduced carbon emissions, creating new opportunities in harnessing, storing and using electricity and advancing manufacturing techniques and production facilities.

In warehousing, logistics and distribution, owners and occupiers require agile solutions to enable them to respond to rapid global demand swings and accelerating technological change. In highly automated fulfilment centres, lean factory thinking and practices are becoming the norm.

Our expertise in industrial and logistics

We support our clients in delivering high-performing facilities to meet Industry 4.0 demands. Whether advanced aircraft assembly facilities, GMP factories or traditional non-sort warehousing, we deliver to our clients’ ever-evolving needs.

Our knowledge of local markets and global trends help clients new to a geographical region establish their location. We understand how to factor service continuity, security and safety into project planning and operations.

Rapid and controlled project delivery is enabled through our procurement approaches and deployment of prefabrication, modularisation and building information modelling (BIM). Our focus on value and robust cost control maximises return on investment.

Our expertise in operational excellence means we improve efficiency, sustain improvements and grow profit within our clients' business.

Major projects and programmes

Spanning the full spectrum of industrial industries, we deliver some of the worlds leading major projects and programmes.

Global expertise

Working in over 50 countries – we have a network of dedicated experts with unparalleled data, insights and resources to help our industrial sector clients succeed.

Technology enabled

We bring market leading digital tools to operate at both the portfolio and project level. Providing our customers with a single source of truth.


Learn how we have delivered a range of services to drive success in global programmes and projects, working with major players in such sectors as chemicals, food processing, logistics, aerospace and component manufacturing.

Industrial and logistics sectors

Heavy industry

Heavy industry

Supporting clients with the manufacture of large components and products, typically one off or small batch.

Hi-Tech industry

Hi-Tech industry

Delivering facilities for the manufacture of high value small size specialist components – typically for supply to industry direct, some direct to customer.

Fast-moving consumer goods

Fast-moving consumer goods

Helping clients in the fast-moving consumer goods sector – anything stocked on the shelf of a supermarket with a shelf life of more than a week – food, cosmetics, household.

Automotive aerospace and defence

Automotive, aerospace and defence

Supporting the manufacture of vehicles, sub-assemblies or parts – includes original equipment manufacturer suppliers.

Distribution  and logistics

Distribution and logistics

Driving solutions for the collation, storage, sortation and delivery of product – either in house, third-party or fourth-party logistics.

Industrial and logistics perspectives

Check out the latest in-depth analysis and views from our team of global experts and read our clients’ perspectives on the business trends that are shaping this rapidly evolving industrial and logistics market.

Our warehouse cost index explores these dynamic trends and, recognising cost as an increasingly important driver, our global index benchmarks the cost of warehouse construction across 66 global locations. The index has been informed by our experience in delivering facilities for leading international logistics occupiers and developers from a wide range of sectors.

Industrial and logistics services

We understand what is needed to plan and realise a project to get clients to market faster, while delivering better commercial returns, control over quality and a future proofed investment.

We bring deep expertise in risk mitigation relating to approvals, permitting, utilities, design and construction, as well as partnering, technology, process optimisation and lean construction.

Our programme expertise in the industrial and logistics sectors extends from advisory services through delivery to post-project operations, working across portfolios with diverse asset types and locations.

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