Connecting digital strategy, data and solutions to transform programme performance.

As your strategic, digital-integration partner, we connect strategy, data and technologies to empower our clients to transform performance, unlock value and drive environmental objectives across portfolios, programmes and projects.

Across industries, adoption of and reliance on data, digital systems, tools and platforms is growing in scale, frequency and complexity. We see this in capital, digital and net-zero programmes. 

Our clients are designing and delivering the most impactful programmes in the world. They face challenges in integrating diverse technologies across complex, global supply chains. By carrying out the following, digital can help ensure clients are able to show demonstrable progress in delivering environmental and social-value targets:

  • Organising, prioritising and managing data
  • Ensuring systems, processes and people are resilient to cyber threats
  • Continually building the skills, capabilities and tooling needed to drive digitalisation.

What we do

We collaborate with clients to design digital into the core of their major programmes and activities. This harnesses technology to deliver faster, more automated access to data, smarter solutions and advanced business insights in a digital-first approach.

How we do it – a digital-first approach

Our digital-first approach gives a robust framework for clients to ensure they are putting the right arrangements, systems, architectures, standards, controls and models in place. This enables major programmes to be delivered safely and successfully.  

Our 250 digital consultants support clients with expert skills, ranging from advisory and consultancy to data analytics, readiness, modelling, systems and data integration, software engineering and machine learning. Our global network and 75-year track record give us a breadth of expertise and experience in major programmes. 

As your digital-first programme partner, we help get the digital strategy, set-up and delivery of your projects and programmes, creating the optimum digital conditions for programme performance.  

Our digital-controls data-integration platform enables organisations to access better quality insights, faster and more efficiently, via our flexible, managed service.  

The Hive, our internal cloud platform, automates transactional tasks, including benchmarking and parametric modelling, enabling data to be captured without intruding on business operations. 

Our service areas

  • Digital-first strategy and advisory
    • Digital maturity assessment
    • Digital vision, strategy and transformation
    • Strategic digital leadership
    • Digital business/benefits case
    • Data and systems strategy.
  • Digital-first programme set-up
    • Programme-enterprise architecture
    • Digital-programme readiness
    • Digital operating model
    • Digital ecosystem establishment
    • Data and information frameworks.
  • Digital-first delivery
    • Digital, data and technology project management
    • Data analysis and automation
    • Building information modelling (BIM) and information management
    • Smart assets and buildings
    • Digital resilience and security.
  • Our bespoke platforms
    • Digital controls
    • The Hive – our cloud-based knowledge bank.

Your challenges

  • How can I set the right strategy for digital, get set-up for success and then deliver a world-class asset with confidence? 
  • How can I use data proactively to make timely and accurate decisions, predict outcomes and improve programme and asset-management performance?  
  • How can I target the right interventions to drive environmental and social value and use data and systems to evidence this to my stakeholders?  
  • How can I understand, manage and control the complex systems, data integrations and interfaces across major programmes? 
  • How can I use data, systems and automation to design and manage an optimised and robust supply chain? 
  • How can I get the best of waterfall and agile approaches during design, construction and operation of my asset portfolio?  
  • How can I use digital to design my programme around performance, user experience and better outcomes, while maintaining focus on delivery excellence?

Digital contacts