International construction market survey

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International construction market survey 2023

The 14th edition of our International construction market survey compares cost data across 88 global markets and provides insights into how the industry is changing.

Data centre cost index

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Data centre cost index 2022

Against a backdrop of acute inflationary pressures, data centre construction demand is booming and expected to rise further. The sector must do more than react to market pressures to guarantee its future success. A reset is needed to ensure the data centre industry can continue to grow sustainably.

Annual review

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Annual review 2022-2023

Our agility and resilience while operating in shifting global markets remains the hallmark of our success.


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360°view - digital and innovation

Our latest 360°view offers a series of perspectives on how we can embrace digitlisation to deliver smarter solutions for a more sustainable built environment.

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Annual life sciences construction outlook

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Annual life sciences construction outlook 2023

Our report highlights the growing pressure on real estate and construction teams to keep pace with surging rates of investment.