International construction market survey

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International construction market survey 2019
The 2019 survey compares global construction costs and explores industry stats and insights. You can also read our analysis of the global construction market and economic outlook.

This launch includes our international construction market survey 2019 app.

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International construction market survey 2018

Annual review

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Annual review 2017-2018

In a year full of landmarks we have delivered our eightieth year of record results against a backdrop of market volatility, rapid client industry changes and geopolitical tensions.

Our 2017-2018 annual review explores our highlights of the year, inspiring projects, and the work we've carried out across our local communities.

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Data centre cost index

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Data centre cost index 2018

Covering 32 global markets, our data centre cost index is the industry’s only cost index specific to data centre construction. This year, we have chosen to share the index results, as well as an indicative construction cost per watt (US$/w) for each location. This is further supplemented by a separate parametric cost for shell and core construction in each location, with an accompanying index.

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