Helping owner operators invest and deliver to meet energy demands.

Market context

Power generation is an evolving landscape with conventional generation from fossil fuels sitting alongside generation from renewable sources. Nations are attempting to get the balance right so they can maintain energy security alongside consumer affordability and protecting the environment. Resilience, security and new capacity are the key issues, as well as managing spend across new builds, asset maintenance and new technologies.

Meeting the challenges

We have a significant track record managing and informing capital projects for clients across the power industry. Our experience crosses conventional generation (coal, oil and gas), nuclear and renewable energy sources including wind, water (wave, tidal and hydro), solar, bio-fuel, biomass, biogas and geothermal energy production.

Working closely with our clients we’re helping to develop the business case for new approaches to power generation and for investment in conventional sources. Through our data and intelligence we’re able to deliver expertise at all stages of the asset lifecycle, and we take an active role in enhancing programme delivery and asset management capability in owner operator teams.

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