We help deliver power projects that enable owner operators to meet current and future global demand for more affordable, reliable and sustainable energy.

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Enabling a sustainable power sector

By 2050 more than 70 percent of electricity is forecast to come from renewable sources in the global drive to reduce carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels. The power sector is undergoing a transformation as it looks to limit its environmental impact while meeting changing consumer expectations.

Conventional energy companies, which account for more than 80 percent of total energy supply, are developing strategies to diversify, decarbonise, ultimately pursue a net zero emissions goal and realise the opportunities of the energy transition.

In clean energy, investment and support for technologies including solar and wind are increasing while nuclear – and future fusion technology – has a key role in meeting supply. These new and emerging infrastructure projects are highly innovative, high-tech and high value, and have major significance for their clients, communities and nations.

Enhancing power grids to deliver electricity to main demand and storage centres remains a priority, as does the drive for interconnectors linking countries and continents to boost resilience and efficiency.

The power sector needs to prepare for further disruption with the growth of decentralised energy generation and micro-grids.

Our expertise in power

In this fast-changing sector, we bring the certainty owners, developers and lenders need. Whether considering or delivering new projects, operating, and maintaining assets post-construction or decommissioning facilities, we understand the challenges and opportunities at a programme-wide and day-to-day level.

We work with clients in the power sector to attract finance and select the right delivery model and execution strategy. At the same time, we enable clear comprehension of project risk.

Our performance insights control cost and schedule. We develop a delivery model that enables effective change management and project set up.

Our whole-life perspective extends from programme strategy to delivery and asset management.

Major projects and programmes

Encompassing the full array of power projects, we deliver some of the world’s leading conventional, renewable and alternative power programmes.

Driving efficiency and performance

We leverage our global data to bring insight into efficiency and effectiveness of programmes to support decision-making.

Overcoming challenge

In a highly regulated and rapidly changing environment, our experienced teams create the environment required for success, whether the project is in the design, delivery or operational stage.


Find out how we are supporting global clients to deliver complex power generation projects in coal, gas, oil, nuclear and renewable energy and helping to enable transmission and distribution of reliable energy to rapidly growing populations.

Power and renewables sectors

Wind turbines

Conventional power

We support coal, oil and gas as they remain part of the energy mix and support owner operators moving towards diversifying assets and decarbonisation.

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Transmission and distribution

Transmission and distribution

Our expertise spans high voltage overhead transmission systems, underground systems including subsea, high and medium voltage substations, high-voltage direct current systems and those for medium-voltage distribution and control.

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Renewable energy

Renewable and clean energy

We work with clients to enable delivery and operation of onshore and offshore wind, solar and tidal plants as well as low and zero-carbon energy including hydrogen and carbon capture, utilisation and storage.

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Alternative power

Alternative power

We serve clients across the diverse alternative power sector, including investors, owners and operators working in nuclear, energy from waste, biofuels, biomass, biogas and hydro.

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Power services

Our project and programme management expertise, coupled with our cost and commercial management, project controls, advisory and procurement services, help clients meet the challenges of this changing and growing sector.

With our combination of global reach and local knowledge, we are equipped to support investment decision-making, capital delivery and ongoing asset management.

We drive value and performance by ensuring that engineering and technologies are implemented efficiently to meet time, cost and quality objectives.

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