We transform how projects are run, safeguard the interests of our clients and deliver better outcomes for them.

Every sector and market has its own trends and challenges, but no matter what we’re working on or where the project is, our approach remains the same: to make sure complexity is managed and our clients’ goals are met.

Focused on better outcomes

With so many moving and interdependent parts, large scale projects and programmes can take on a life of their own. But we know with the right kind of management any project can be kept under control.

We relentlessly apply our tried and tested systems and processes for the analysis, planning and monitoring of projects, to deliver faster, cheaper, safer and more efficient working practices and better results overall. Making a difference to the results of projects is a commitment hardwired into our DNA.

  • £640m turnover
  • 6,105 people connected as one global business
  • 110 offices offering the same standard of excellence worldwide


In today’s world far greater expectation and scrutiny is placed on both public and private expenditure, which is why we meticulously collect project data to provide the insights and comparisons that are essential to informed decision-making for clients.

We’ve been gathering data from projects in all sectors across the world for many years, helping clients strengthen their business or investment case, grow stakeholder engagement, or make difficult choices at any stage of a project’s lifecycle. Our evidence-based approach helps give confidence and control over complex projects and programmes.

Complete independence

We don’t have ties to any design, construction or engineering team, so we approach every management task with an independent mindset.

This independence is highly valued by our clients, whether they’ve commissioned us to assess a programme’s progress, handle their commercial interests, produce contractor agreements, or get a project back on track. They can be sure that the information and recommendations we provide represent a balanced, objective view.

Openness and transparency

We are committed to open and transparent communications with clients, project teams and in our project reporting and analysis.

We take a collaborative approach to information, establishing mutual understanding of project objectives and strategies as well as roles and responsibilities. It’s how we provide clarity so everyone can see the path ahead.

Setting high standards

We’re known for the professional integrity we demonstrate in the planning and delivery of every project. We set ourselves clear targets, and constantly strive to take a smarter approach, learning what we can do better and setting the pace for our industry.

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