Looking at the big picture, driving better overall outcomes, and having real confidence your programme is under control.

Daniel Granger



Capital investment programmes are complex. They exist within a wide business context and involve multiple interdependencies and interfaces, diverse stakeholders, competing priorities and challenging goals. All of these things combined, together with the push to maximise outcomes, demand an efficient and integrated management approach.

Having played a leading role driving some of the world’s most complex programmes, we bring real insights and experience to programme management. We provide independent advice, detailed support and commitment to successful delivery to our clients, whatever the stage of their programme. Our services range from providing programme management and programme management offices, to navigating the risks and challenges, capturing and realising opportunities, building the right culture and capabilities, and negotiating the inevitable trade-offs inherent in big programmes.

We take a broad view and understand what drives real success in complex investments. This includes defining the right strategies and providing leadership and implementation in best practice programme controls – across cost management, scheduling, risk management, quality, reporting and stakeholder management. And we look ahead, assessing and supporting how the programme needs to evolve over time to deliver changing scope, risks and opportunities.

Managing information is a key part of delivering programme performance. We use technology in an intelligent way, to bring control, efficiencies and improvement.

We also apply our programme management skills to diverse property and real estate portfolios - often spanning multiple territories. We help clients plan and prioritise, and to deliver consistency and certainty of results.

Our service areas

  • Benefits management
  • Operational readiness and transition
  • Portfolio management
  • Programme assurance
  • Programme management
  • Programme management office
  • Programme recovery
  • Requirements management
  • Stakeholder management

Your challenges

  • How do I build the right capabilities and a consistent approach across the programme, working towards the same goals?
  • How do I manage risk effectively?
  • How can I embed continuous improvement, and deliver measurable benefits?
  • How do I achieve certainty of outcome, whilst managing ever changing requirements?
  • How can I get this programme back on track, guarantee delivery on time and budget and building the confidence of stakeholders?

Programme management contacts