Driving and safeguarding your commercial interests throughout the project lifecycle.

Predictability and control of costs are essential principles for all organisations when planning and undertaking capital projects or programmes.

Our approach to cost and commercial management is driven by a real commitment to maximising return on investment for our clients. 

We provide you with outcome confidence from day one, helping to establish project viability with a clear, robust baseline.

We optimise cost performance at every stage through our proven methodologies, cost models, cost data, and assurance approach, and with our breadth of market intelligence, we secure best-buy in the market.

We will own your commercial agenda – driving to achieve cost and value targets throughout the project lifecycle, managing threats and changes pro-actively.

Our commercial heritage means we make sure you achieve real value, and with no links to the rest of the supply chain, we can provide truly independent advice, delivering the right solutions to protect your interests.

Digital cost management

We have made significant investments in our cost management digital transformation over the last few years. Our bespoke tools and apps are available for UK clients as part of our service offering and are currently being rolled-out globally.

Watch the video to learn more about our digital cost management services and solutions; The Hive, Benchmarking App, CostX, Market Rates App, eTender platform and Cost Control App.

Embodied Carbon Calculator

Our innovative Embodied Carbon Calculator (ECC) fully integrates with our Hive cloud platform which provides the basis for our market-leading cost management applications.

The ECC is a bespoke carbon accounting tool that enables clients to evaluate the carbon footprint of projects from early design stage, covering cradle to practical completion. The ECC assures you of accuracy in the carbon count compliant with industry best practice. It importantly covers all building elements in one tool and provides a clear, plain English output report on the carbon performance of your project/programme.

Read more about our ECC



Our service areas

  • Cost auditing and assurance
  • Cost benchmarking
  • Cost control
  • Cost estimating
  • Cost planning and engineering
  • Procurement
  • Value engineering
  • Whole life costing

Your challenges

  • What will the project cost and what are my options?
  • How do I achieve certainty in the delivery of cost targets, on budget?
  • How can I improve cost efficiency, across the lifecycle?
  • How do I manage my commercial risks?
  • How do I maximise return on investment?
  • How do I drive value into my business case?
  • How do I improve collaboration with my design team?
  • How transparent is my tender process?
  • How do I manage cost data in real time?
  • How can I apply insight from live data?

Cost and commercial management contacts