Transforming performance of major programmes

Understanding future metrics

Communities around the world benefit hugely from the power of infrastructure investment. Infrastructure spending is being looked to as a central solution to many policy challenges. In response, the sector needs to transform how we plan and deliver major programmes so we can fulfil infrastructure’s potential to play its part in benefitting global communities and in helping to address the climate emergency head-on. 

Around the world, we see great examples of excellence and ambition. The goal for our industry needs to be to make these examples the norm – driving high performance consistently on complex major programmes. In our Transforming infrastructure performance series, we are exploring five central themes that look at how we as an industry can do this. 

Digital first

Delivering complex projects and programmes relies on the systems we use to design, build and operate infrastructure. As digital technology continues to evolve, adopting powerful integrated tools for programme management and delivery has never been more urgent - but also achievable. 

Investable infrastructure

More digitalisation means smarter infrastructure, but investment continues to rely on scale and long-term return. What innovative financing models are being adopted globally and how are they impacting major programmes? How, and what, do we prioritise when it comes to mega programmes, so that we invest responsibly and effectively? 

Lasting legacy

The shift in emphasis in the private and public sectors towards long-term social value is significant across major programmes. Legacy goes beyond delivery of a project – it can mean unlocking diverse pools of talent that expand local supply chains and create opportunities for local communities.