Ensuring best value on the programmes linking people and cities, locally and globally.

Market context

In a global economy, fast and dependable transport is key for competitiveness and long-term growth. For many, urbanisation and connectivity are driving the agenda, and countries are trying to find the right balance between modes of transport. Companies are looking to new digital technologies to enhance the passenger journey, while keeping the environmental agenda in mind. 

Meeting the challenges

In the last decade we’ve been involved in transport developments that have pushed the boundaries on how infrastructure programmes are delivered. This includes transformational projects such as Heathrow and Crossrail in London, Doha Metro in Qatar, Sydney Light Rail, Abu Dhabi Airport and Brisbane Airport.

Through our work we’ve compiled data that provides clear norms of scheduling and expenditure for every size of transport programme. This worldwide information is supplemented with the local knowledge of our teams on the ground. These teams have crucial understanding of the local economic, political, social and environmental context, as well as the relationships and understanding of stakeholder priorities, to establish best-buy in the market, set up programmes for success and direct and control projects to delivery.


Find out more about our experience working with clients to realise their ambitions on large-scale and long-term transportation programmes, meeting challenges and delivering solutions in the aviation, maritime, rail and road sectors.

Transport sectors


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