Corporate and office

As the pandemic drives change in the global office sector, we are working with clients to navigate the evolving environment, delivering agile and sustainable workspaces that are fit for the future.


Redefining the workplace

Through the pandemic, many businesses necessarily adopted home working and virtual collaboration using online tools. This shift looks set to have longer-term implications for the office sector, accelerating moves to create a more human-centric, healthy, flexible and agile workplace.

To meet the challenges, occupiers are reconfiguring existing space to safely accommodate returned staff, while also looking to assess longer-term workplace locations and space requirements.

In some regions, increases in vacancy rates have multiplied the options for occupiers considering new locations. Tenants have more choice and are therefore demanding more from their landlords in terms of sustainability provisions, technology infrastructure and amenity spaces.

Corporates are looking to tailor solutions to their specific business and team demands, allowing for such approaches as hybrid home/office working patterns or hub-and-spoke working, which combines a central office with regional locations.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment priorities, greener policies and user demands are driving the creation of more sustainable workplace environments. As carbon reduction commitments and sustainability targets intensify, occupiers will only lease or build offices that enable them to realise their corporate-level goals.

Our corporate and office expertise

With more than 110 offices in 45 countries, we bring global consistency and local knowledge to corporate clients. We support clients with property portfolio strategies, programmes and projects spanning multiple locations. Our agility and experience enable us to work on projects across all sectors and of all scales.

We convert client business needs into logical, coherent strategic and delivery plans. In a changing market, through managing the technical due diligence process we help our clients to choose a building that supports their strategic objectives. We collaborate with the world’s best interior designers and architects to deliver bespoke workplace solutions.

Wide sector and client perspective

We work with occupiers from all sectors, including the world’s premier financial institutions, legal firms, technology and media giants, and life sciences leaders, giving us a wide perspective on workplace transformation.

Handling diverse projects

Our fit-out experience includes delivering boutique and specialist office spaces, as well as some of the largest corporate campuses globally. We handle projects of any size and scope, leveraging our global and local expertise.

Enhancing portfolio-wide outcomes

We help our clients see the bigger picture, managing multiple projects as a programme using market-leading digital tools in order to drive greater visibility and efficiency across their entire office footprint.


Find out how we have worked with major private and public sector occupiers to help optimise space needs, appraise fit-out options, establish the business case and drive delivery of programmes and projects.

Corporate and office services

Our corporate and office services support the full programme and project lifecycle, extending from pre-feasibility through to set up and delivery. In the early stages, we work with clients to understand individual business needs and key drivers, including sustainability, wellbeing and technology.

We work with clients to establish the right workplace strategy, enabling pilot schemes and engaging with stakeholders to support business decision making and confidence. We align execution plans with client governance and ways of working. 

Throughout projects and programmes, we secure best value and performance from the supply chain and drive delivery of client objectives.

The Bangalore Phase 3 SBO project is a fantastic story and a great example of taking lessons learnt seriously. Delivered ahead of schedule, under budget and with zero incidents. Turner & Townsend have been outstanding and I have been consistently impressed at the way they and the wider contracted staff worked together as ‘One Team’, which allowed for complete transparency. Andy Burton Real Estate VP Asia Oceania, Shell

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