Finding new ways to optimise investments for both developers and occupiers of offices.

The demand for high quality office environments has dramatically increased, with businesses looking for added-value environments that will help them attract and retain talented employees. Investors, developers and building owners are finding new ways to respond to these expectations, while also looking for fresh approaches to generating efficiencies and income from the assets they invest in.

Market context

The war for talent is one of the key influences on office spaces. While the standard expectation is for a space to be comfortable, flexible, secure, accessible and supportive of collaborative working, increasingly the focus is on supporting the wellbeing of employees. New facilities range from gyms to rest spaces to overnight accommodation are now being built in.

The cost involved in and increased frequency of moving between or within properties means today’s occupiers also expect a future-proofed environment, somewhere that will support their needs for the long term. Spaces need to be flexible, fully supported by fast dependable technology, and able to adapt to different working models, as well as an increase in the number of employees.

Sustainability is another driver. There is a growing expectation that energy efficiency will be built in to office environments not only to meet regulatory requirements but to exceed them. A company’s strong performance on sustainability issues can be another factor that helps to attract the talent they need, particularly millennials.

In this demanding environment, investors, developers and building owners must continue to maximise their return on investment. This means meeting the needs of existing occupiers and attracting new ones, while also understanding and proactively managing the costs involved in operating their property assets.

Meeting the challenges

We have been helping corporate owners and tenants, investors and developers of office buildings in the planning, development, construction and management of their assets for more than 60 years, handling billions of pounds worth of assets.

Transferring knowledge from across industries, including lessons from public sector, we bring the rigour and control needed to successfully implement the processes and structures involved in developing, constructing and operating buildings.

We work closely to support the full lifecycle of your programme, supporting pre-feasibility, through to programme set up and delivery. Our core commitment is understanding and delivering client's objectives, preventing any surprises by anticipating and managing risks, overcoming any conflicts or discrepancies, and providing solutions that add significant value and protect our clients’ interests.

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