Recognition at the Indian Business Women conference and awards 2020

We have won the award for the ‘Best Organisation Supporting Woman Empowerment 2020’ in India at the third ‘Indian Business Women Conference & Awards 2020’, held in Mumbai last month.

The aim of the event was to provide opportunities to connect like-minded women in a forum for knowledge sharing and career development.

Seven talented women from our India offices also received individual awards in different categories, for recognition of their hard work in driving inclusion to support innovation and business results.

Ameya Gumaste, Country Manager, India said:

We are very proud of these awards conferred on Turner and Townsend and seven of our female leaders. It is a great example of how our commitment to gender diversity and creating equal opportunity can make a difference.

Matthew Grant, Operations Director commented:

It is fantastic that seven of our colleagues were recognised for their hard work, talent and commitment! The award for the best organisation supporting woman empowerment was the icing on the cake for us.

Our list of winners and awards

Most Influential Personality of the Year – Shikha Shah, Director

With 17 years’ experience in project, cost and programme management, Shikha leads the project management team in Northern India. Responsible for delivery and quality service for several multi-million dollar developments, she has also handled projects for over a million sq. ft. in corporate, retail and institutional buildings.

Indian Business Woman of the Year – Malini Sudhakar, Director

Malini, with her excellent leadership built on strong values, has set the path for many young women to follow. She has demonstrated that competency, skills, attitude and ability to lead matter far more than gender. “Be passionate, give your heart and soul; and success will be yours,” she says.

Most Inspiring Personality of the Year – Kalpita D’mello, Senior Human Resource Manager

As a Human Resources leader, Kalpita believes an important aspect of the function is balancing how we portray both our professionalism and also our compassion to our employees and to candidates who seek to join our business.

Woman of Essence (Project Management Consultancy Business) – Shria Pal, Senior Project Manager

Shria believes that the true essence of a woman is in her patience, her ability to bring a greater level of compassion to leadership and her agility in adjusting to circumstances even in times of adversity. With more than ten years of hands-on experience in construction, she has broken down barriers and social stigmas to achieve professional excellence in a male-dominated industry, with her strength, resilience and capability.

Game Changer of the Year – Pooja Mahendra, Area Manager

Pooja’s zeal for driving the business forward while leading motivated teams has opened up new potential business areas for our business in Delhi. She believes that female professionals have an opportunity to continue redefining society’s paradigm of the Indian woman. She is proud to contribute to this and to set an example for other Indian women looking to do the same.

Rising Catalyst of the Year – Aarti Gupta, Cost Manager

Aarti believes that “amazing things happen when women help other women.” She hopes that participation in events and awards such as these will inspire and motivate many more women to bring about change in their workplaces.

Rising Catalyst of the Year – Rajika Divadkar, Senior Project Manager

Rajika proved herself to be a true catalyst on a recent commission for her client, achieving an important milestone which was globally acknowledged. She has demonstrated the ability to perform multiple roles and gone beyond her daily responsibilities to get the job done. Her enthusiasm and passion play a significant part in driving motivated teams and her talents allow her to adapt to ever-changing environments.

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