Ambition to improve benchmarking capability.

The Department for Transport (DfT) and family organisations (Highways England, Network Rail, Transport for London, Crossrail and HS2) have developed a Transport Infrastructure Efficiency Strategy (TIES).

Key information

Completion date: 2017

Client’s requirements

The strategy sets a number of challenges supporting the sharing of best practice, driving improvements across the sector, and optimising capital investments.

The strategy has an ambition to improve benchmarking capability.  Turner & Townsend was appointed to  explore options for a proof of concept benchmarking forum drawing on our experience in the oil and gas industry.

Our contribution

Our proof of concept consultancy included an As-Is Review of existing benchmarking practices within the DfT family, and an Opportunity Brief to define the parameters for benchmarking with successful alignment of all organisations taking priority.

It also included development of a To-Be Framework, which set out the components of an established system, and an Implementation Routemap, to make clear how the To-Be Framework would become a reality.

The final component was the benchmarking IT solution. We created a fully operational, integrated system that supported data capture, processing and insights, combining capital delivery data from major tunnelling projects.

Making the difference

Building on our experience in international benchmarking and capital delivery we developed a bespoke benchmarking portal for the DfT Family populated with capital delivery data from major international tunnelling projects.

We used our learnings from extensive engagement with the DfT family stakeholders to provide real world examples of how the framework could support more informed decision making in the development and delivery of transport infrastructure.


“The proof of concept work was integral to the vision and thinking behind the Transport Infrastructure Efficiency Strategy. Proving how data from across the DfT could be used for more than simple unit cost comparisons to give us insight to plan and drive decision making – and therefore better outcomes  Turner & Townsend was great to work with; leveraging their experience on the Oil and Gas forum with a good appreciation of what we as clients wanted to explore.”

Kirsty Austin
Deputy Director, Infrastructure Efficiency Strategy & HS2 Shareholding
Department for Transport

For further information contact:

Emma Radowicz
Business Generation Director