New perspectives on workplace change

Adam Catchpole



Accelerating change in the workplace means that offices must meet varied and growing demands from occupiers, owners and workers. Employees increasingly expect to work flexibly in environments that support their wellbeing.

An increasingly activist workforce is agitating for organisations to establish and strive towards net zero carbon targets. Mental health issues now count for 37% of all work-related illnesses. Data stores on employee interactions with the workplace are growing exponentially. In this context, the demands placed upon the physical office environment have never been higher.

In our new “workplace perspectives” webinar series, we view the workplace through four lenses – human, sustainable, agile and digital – in order to re-envisage corporate spaces. Over the course of 2020, we will be inviting expert speakers, from neuroscientists through to heads of corporate real estate at world-leading businesses, to explore new angles in the workplace conversation.

In this first webinar of the series, recorded in February 2020, we consider how recent projects we have supported in London and New York embrace emerging trends and help deliver better outcomes for people, business and the planet.

By listening to our webinar, you can gain insights into the following questions:

  • Are we seeing the rise of the ‘mindful office’?
  • How do you design for neural diversity?
  • Can you make physical assets flexible?
  • Are occupiers prepared to pay a premium to be located in green buildings?
  • Is employee tracking going to take off or be rejected by workers?

Watch the webinar now.

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