Enhancing the performance of infrastructure programmes in North America

Anthony Sanger



Performance outlook

Canada continues to push forward with significant investment in infrastructure, while the USA is still awaiting the stimulus package promised by the administration.
  • 85% agree that political indecision and populist intervention threatens long-term infrastructure planning
  • 84% agree that infrastructure planning and delivery is struggling to keep up with how society is changing

Challenges and opportunities

Canada leading the change – Canada is implementing alternative funding models and leveraging global leading practice on private and public partnerships, including deploying P3, establishing a national infrastructure plan and an Infrastructure Investment Bank similar to Australia and the UK.  Creating a robust pipeline of funded projects is encouraging the private sector to invest and engage around how they can best support investment and delivery.

US targets enhanced performance – Respondents see opportunities to boost performance through the optimization of procurement, implementation of technology in delivery, better harvesting and use of performance data, and more collaboration across the industry.

Deploying alternative models – US federal and state governments are exploring alternative funding models, including P3, but clearer political and industry commitment is key to attracting greater investment. Equally, the US needs to build the required capabilities in asset, programme, risk, procurement and cost management, stepping up to meet global best practice in readiness for the adoption of alternative delivery models.

In a nutshell

Demand is strong and the approach to infrastructure finance, operation and programme delivery is maturing – further coordinated development of client and supply chain capabilities will be critical for effective delivery of the planned investment.

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