Abu Dhabi Airport Company - Midfield Terminal Complex

A new vision of aviation for Abu Dhabi

The owner of five international airports in the UAE, Abu Dhabi Airports aims to become the world’s leading airport operator. While fulfilling their vision, Abu Dhabi Airports have embarked on a multi-billion dollar expansion programme of work which includes development of a brand new, state-of-the-art terminal at Abu Dhabi International Airport – the Midfield Terminal Complex (MTC).

Key information

Abu Dhabi, UAE
Date started:
Completion date:
Client type:
Transport - aviation
Main services:
Project controls and performance, cost management, BIM

About the programme

On completion, the MTC will: 

  • increase the airport’s capacity with an extra 30 million passenger per year / 8,500 passengers per hour
  • cover 700,000m2, with a central space that could hold three full-sized football pitches
  • contain the world’s largest baggage handling system

With 20,000 people working on the construction of the terminal, the sheer scale of the project demands accurate budgets, a strict schedule and proactive management of any risks.  It’s our task to deliver cost estimating, scheduling, and risk management services to this major programme.

Strategies built to last

Our role on the programme is to provide clear, concise information to support investment decisions, helping Abu Dhabi Airports to progress with confidence and pace. Based on our experience gained in aviation programmes around the world, we have supported the development of robust, risk adjusted, budgets and programmes to inform key capital investment decisions.

Controlling complexity

One of the greatest challenges on the programme is its complexity. It’s not just a construction scheme, it’s a complex systems integration delivery project that happens to sit inside a huge building. The most vital skill for the core team is the ability to handle the vast amount of data and interfaces amongst the programmes. Our proactive input throughout supports the delivery team in achieving the Abu Dhabi Airports objective of creating a state of the art terminal at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Our initial core services focused on estimating, enterprise level risk management and enterprise level schedule management.

However the complexity of the programme has required us to expand our services to also include: