Guy Beaumont

Digital Lead, Infrastructure
Our digital solutions better connect physical work and built assets to an optimised digital management environment.
Guy Beaumont
As a Director in our technology team, the main focus of my role is to enhance the performance of programmes by applying data, analytics and technology solutions. In practice this means designing, developing and delivering solutions that better connect the physical work and built assets to an optimised digital management environment.

I currently lead programme advisory digital services - ensuring programme organisations are able to leverage value from the latest technologies by incorporating digital thinking into their vision, strategy and operating model. My team and I support the set-up and integration of business functions – implementing digital tools and building capability to help set programmes up for success and operate effectively throughout the programme lifecycle.

Q. How has your career at Turner & Townsend developed?

A. I began my Turner & Townsend career as a senior cost manager having previously worked for several large UK contractors. Since joining Turner & Townsend I have increased my breadth of experience - having worked across a range of sectors including aviation, rail, highways, oil and gas, nuclear energy and defence. I’ve also increased my depth of knowledge and have been lucky enough to peruse my passion - now specialising in data, analytics and technology solutions for capital and asset management programmes. I’ve worked across the UK and Central Europe - as a senior cost manager at Heathrow Airport, then as associate director responsible for our digital services in infrastructure. I’m now a director in our technology team – driving the development of new digital solutions to help enhance the performance of programmes.

Q. How do you see the business developing over the next five years?

A. I think the construction industry will evolve at pace over the next five years as we see the successful synthesis and practical implementation of several technologies including Design for Manufacture and Assembly, BIM, cloud computing, site robotics and artificial intelligence. Current construction business models are likely to evolve as too will our services - becoming even more outcome focussed and delivering whole life value for asset developers, owners, operators and importantly end users. I think our on-going digital transformation will make us even more people-centric and will unlock new opportunities to deliver high quality outcomes for our clients.

Q. What do you most enjoy most about working at Turner & Townsend?

A. I enjoy the variety - different projects, roles, challenges, clients, teams – no day is the same. I also work with a fantastic group of people who are encouraged to innovate and constructively challenge the status quo to drive better results. It’s fast-paced and fun!

Career highlights

  1. Promoted to Director

    November 2018
  2. Innovation Award for DfT TIES benchmarking framework

    June 2018
  3. Digital Services Lead for Infrastructure

    May 2016
  4. Promoted to Associate Director

    November 2015
  5. Joined Turner & Townsend as a Senior Cost Manager

    January 2014