Developing and delivering procurement and supply chain strategies that get the best results from the market.

The successful delivery of a project is dependent on the quality of thought and approach that is adopted in both the definition and execution of the procurement process.

It is essential to select and engage appropriate supply chain partners who are contracted on commercial terms that are aligned to delivery of the required project objectives or business outcomes.

Leaving contract responsibilities open to interpretation can cause problems in the delivery of a project, while failing to adhere to relevant procurement legislation can leave the entire process open to legal or other governance challenges.

Our Contract Services ‘intelligent procurement’ approach provides a procurement pathway from business and programme level strategy to contract award, managing the procurement process, implementing consistent procedures and engaging the supply chain. Our in-house expertise to develop optimal procurement, contract & commercial solutions for our clients can help maximise value from the supply chain and mitigate contractual risk.

Our procurement and contract experts provide support and guidance to our clients through each stage of the process in order to develop optimised procurement solutions that deliver efficiencies and cost savings against their business requirements.

Intelligent Procurement
1. Business commercial strategy
Aligning the business commercial strategy to our clients’ visions and objectives.
2. Procurement strategy
Developing the procurement and contracting strategies to drive value and mitigate risk.
3. Supply chain strategy
Driving value and performance from a better understanding of the supply chain.
4. Market engagement
Engaging the supply chain at an early stage to validate the strategy and obtain market buy-in.
5. Procurement execution
Effectively managing the procurement process from specification to award.
6. Contracts development
Developing the contracts to optimise opportunities and minimise risks.


Our service areas

  • Business and commercial strategy
  • Contract management
  • Contract negotiation and award
  • Market intelligence
  • Procurement and contract strategy
  • Procurement management
  • Tender evaluation

Your challenges

  • What is the optimum procurement and supply chain strategy to deliver your commercial goals?
  • How do I achieve effective risk transfer?
  • How do I achieve best-buy in the current market?
  • How do I manage contract risk and protect my commercial position?
  • How can I avoid disputes and claims?
  • If disputes and claims do occur how can I resolve them with minimum cost and disruption?
  • How do we establish a collaborative approach across the team?

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