Sports, leisure and lifestyle

As the sector matures, investment in projects and facilities is becoming more closely focused on profitability.

Sport, leisure and hospitality

Market context

Billions of dollars are invested in a wide array of sporting and lifestyle events each year. Venues frequently require new or upgraded infrastructure to support increasing demands and to maximise potential revenue for various stakeholders. As well as the investors and developers, stakeholders can include concessions vendors, in particular food and retail brands, advertisers, sponsors, promoters and third-party lessees.

Projects in this sector, whether they involve renovations or new builds, are frequently tied to major events. Many are local, a few are regional or global, but all of them typically attract public interest.

The ability to deliver projects on time in advance of these events is critical. Schedule compromises can negatively impact commercial partnerships and revenue opportunities.

Meeting the challenges

As a global organisation we’ve built great knowledge and capability across diverse sports and lifestyle projects and a variety of venue types.

Our experience includes the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games where we provided cost management services and the 2015 Pan American Games where we supported the event with technical advice, among other specialist services.

We deliver robust capital cost advice, providing assurance through benchmarking and real-time market data. Our clear understanding of the phasing of costs, risks and inflation, enable strong project controls throughout the lifecycle of a project and enable money-saving solutions.


Read how we have applied our expertise and knowledge to global sports, leisure and lifestyle projects and programmes.

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