Hotels and hospitality

Finding the best return on investment with for hotel brands, investors and developers.

Hotels and hospitality

Market context

As they find new ways to maximise space to meet guest expectations and maximise income generation, hotels are offering significant insights for other real estate industries, including corporate offices, schools, hospitals and sports complexes.

There are three primary stakeholders for hotel and hospitality projects: brands, developers and investors. Their involvement requires a balanced approach to business planning and project management. All interests need to be understood and maintained, with overall aspirations for the project mutually agreed.

The strong focus on commerciality creates opportunities for entrepreneurialism and innovation. Ideas can support the ongoing success of some of the world’s most exciting brands. For example technology and data are having an impact on the way space is planned. Data reveals how people actually use spaces, so brands are now understanding optimum space allocation and use, while maintaining comfortable and welcoming environments.

Meeting the challenges

We have in-depth experience working with stakeholders from all three groups on some of the largest and most complex hotel projects in the industry. We frequently liaise between groups, delivering independent recommendations using our data-driven insights and long-standing experience to maximise their return on investment.

Many projects take place within a live environment and our cost control strategies address the cost of rooms and spaces being out of use. Our project management approach includes coordination of income generating spaces coming back into use as soon as possible.

From the world’s largest brands to boutique hotels, sustainability is an important distinguishing feature for increasingly discerning customers. We provide added value through sustainable solutions, including LEED certification, BREEAM assessment and carbon management.


Learn how we have delivered a range of services to drive success in global programmes and projects, working with major players in the hotels and hospitality sector.

Our services

  • Due diligence and strategic planning
  • ROI analysis (return on investment)
  • Programme management
  • Development management
  • Project management
  • Cost management and estimating
  • Project controls
  • Furniture, fixtures and equipment management
  • Schedule management
  • Procurement management
  • Branding / design standards briefing and roll-outs
  • Lean consulting and operational excellence

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