Our industry has amazing potential to lead the way for a more inclusive world. By working together, we can deliver clean water and power, safe housing and more reliable infrastructure to the people who need it most.

A highly skilled workforce that can stimulate post-pandemic economic growth and respond to the challenges faced by our clients and society at large is needed more than ever.

By working in partnership with our communities, we can deliver more meaningful change faster.

Global teams that represent the communities we serve

 Our people represent the best global talent, ideas and experiences. Our colleagues around the world bring diverse thinking, representing the communities we serve.

As a result, we design and deliver programmes that are efficient and effective, but that also address the climate emergency, add value to communities and create a world that the next generation aspires to live in.

We are proud of the legacy we have created with our charity partners to support social mobility and unlock potential, working in our local communities to build capacity and understand need. Vincent Clancy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Our projects

We are involved in many of the world’s most impactful construction projects. Take a look at some examples where our work has helped to transform landscapes and lives.