Promoting gender parity in the construction industry.

Louise Curran

Women make up roughly ten percent of the construction workforce globally and the industry’s gender pay gap is one of the highest in the world.

The Bridge initiative was established in North America to engage diverse communities with the aim of promoting gender equality in the workplace, influencing change in our organisation and leading the way for industry change.

Through enhancing networks, engaging with external organisations, hosting events, public speaking and much more, The Bridge has helped to increase the representation of women across our business.

Louise Curran, Senior Cost Consultant at our Toronto office, leads The Bridge committee in Canada.

Since the inception of The Bridge in 2018, our North American business has seen a five percent increase in the proportion of women in our workforce.

"The Bridge has raised the level of understanding of the importance of gender parity and enabled our North America business to foster a more inclusive workplace.

“In 2019, we began a partnership with the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) Network Canada as part of its Gender Equality in the Private Sector project, which was an initiative recommended by The Bridge committee.

"This partnership allows us to learn from other organisations about how they are addressing the gender balance, as well as influence how the issue can be addressed in the private sector more widely.

Our work with The Bridge and our new partnership with the UNGC has opened my eyes and mind to both the obstacles to achieving equality in the workplace and the solutions to overcome them.

"These initiatives are bringing us one step closer to equality by supporting the best talent in our business and industry to thrive.” 

This case study is part of our annual review 2019-2020.