Playing a vital role in improving the sustainability of some of the region’s most important projects

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Tools such as building information modelling (BIM) can support the adoption of collaborative behaviours and practices, connecting intelligent design to information-based technologies to unlock efficient ways of working throughout the project life cycle.

Kaarin Kalavus, an Associate Director in our UAE infrastructure team, has diverse experience delivering innovative technology solutions on some of the region’s highest profile programmes.

I think BIM is incredibly important for Middle East projects, as it is for projects all around the globe.

"There are a lot of ambitious and complex projects being delivered in the Middle East; BIM provides the necessary framework and processes, as well as a source of intelligence to deliver these projects effectively.

"On a current aviation project, a recent achievement has been the development of graphical spatial database of every location within a major programme and publishing this to all project stakeholders as a single source of truth to align their datasets to.

"We have been able to link several project specific data nodes to it, including; construction progress and snagging status’, operational aspects such as security and fire evacuation strategy, as well as property management data on leasing, ownership and financial charging. BIM has helped us to manage the accuracy of this data and respond to specific end user needs in a timely manner.

We have been supporting our clients to maximise the value BIM can provide.

"We’ve developed virtual environments and animations to support our clients in decision making processes around security protocols, facility operations and have secured a commercial deal for one of our clients. Having BIM models available has allowed these tasks to be turned around within days rather than weeks.”

A future leader in our business, Kaarin was recently awarded the Women in Construction Professional of the year at the Middle East Consultant awards 2020.

“I feel humbled for being recognised for the efforts and achievements in the field of BIM and asset data, it is great to see technology and data receiving more attention and recognition in the field of construction.

"As the construction technology field is mainly dominated by men in the Middle East, hopefully this recognition will also encourage more women to join a career in construction technology.”

This case study is part of our annual review 2019-2020

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Kaarin Kalavus
Director, Abu Dhabi

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