Improving health and safety outcomes for our global team.


Health and safety has become a core focus in many parts of the world, but there is still work to be done and, up until recently, wellbeing was not part of this conversation.

We are working hard to be at the forefront of this agenda. Our global health and safety team work in partnership with our clients to implement the latest strategies across health, safety and wellbeing while supporting our HR teams to protect our people.

Kome Adeosun, Health and Safety Officer based in our London office, shares insight on some of our health and safety initiatives.

Throughout COVID-19, we’ve supported a number of client projects. We’ve worked on fire risk assessments for high risk residential properties and supported clients with their return to work strategies.

"We have also trained individuals on Institution of Occupation Safety and Health’s (IOSH) Leading Safely, as well as our unique accredited IOSH CDM ‘The Essentials Training’ virtually.

“We have also drawn further attention to preventative measures to improve our staff’s wellbeing, partnering with Mates in Mind in the UK and growing our mental health first aider network across several regions

“To ensure we could respond safely to an emergency, we rolled out automatic external defibrillators and provided necessary training across our offices globally, training around 1,000 people in how to react if they witness a cardiac arrest.

It’s also amazing that our work has been recognised across the world. We achieved the ISO 45001 standard in the UK, Ireland, Australia and Singapore, which highlights the effectiveness of our steps to improve health and safety.

“In collaboration with our telecommunications client, we won Health and Safety Team of the Year at the UK Safety and Health Excellence Awards in 2019. Implementing initiatives such as live reporting dashboards and a safety moment app, the client has seen a 42 percent reduction in accidents and a 388 percent increase in proactive hazard reporting.”

This case study is part of our annual review 2019-2020.