Vancouver Airports most complex programme since the 1990s

Vancouver Airport Authority (YVRAA)'s CORE programme has been developed to improve and upgrade the building infrastructure at Vancouver International Airport (YVR). 

Key information

Date started: 2017

Completion date: 2022

Client’s requirements

In addition, the CORE programme will provide additional capacity for public parking and car rental operations with a new ground transportation facility.The programme, made up of five projects, will address terminal expansion and increased capacity requirements in alignment with the Airport Authority’s 2037 Master Plan, while also improving overall safety and performance.

The CORE programme seeks to:

The programme is one of the largest and most technically complex group of projects to be undertaken at the airport since the expansion of the international terminal in the 1990s. Due to its primary location in the heart of the car park, together with its reach into the international and domestic terminal buildings, it will require extensive coordination between construction, operations and the public.

Our contribution

Turner & Townsend has been appointed to deliver project management services to ensure the project meets the core business benefits outlined in the Project Development Reports.

The works consist of the delivery of two major components that make up the entire CORE programme, namely the Sustainable Energy Systems (SES), Electrical Infrastructure (EI), the Central Utilities Building (CUB), the Ground Transportation Facilities (GTF) and Rainwater Capture System (RCS).

The SES, EI and CUB packages consist of:

While the GTF and RCS are made up of:

Making the difference

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