Flexibility in a changing market

The Globe and Mail relocated their corporate headquarters to a new location in Toronto. 

Key information

Date started: 2014

Completion date: 2017

Client’s requirements

The Globe and Mail's new headquarters designed to support executive, editorial and advertising office space along with a conference centre, cafeteria, and employee health and wellness space. The building, branded The Globe and Mail Centre, provides significant opportunities for the use of digital media within and external to the building.

The headquarters moved to the top five floors of a newly constructed high rise in one of Toronto’s growing centres for entrepreneurship and creativity, housing innovation hubs as well as traditional print and digital media teams.

  • 130,000 square foot facility
  • 600 staff relocated

Our contribution

Turner & Townsend was commissioned to provide project, cost, furniture and equipment management, supporting their internal executive team to plan and manage the project from inception to handover and operation.

Our role brings together a significant number of related projects including technology outsourcing, archival retention and access, digital signage and media presentation as well as adopting global best practice in the communication and relocation of staff.

Making the difference

In order to support the relocation we developed an innovative approach that enabled the design to progress without restricting the ability of the client to make changes during the design process.

This flexible approach was key to meeting the specific schedule constraints and enable The Globe and Mail to respond to the changing market quickly.

“… Turner & Townsend were able to work with us to resolve confusion and cut right through to the heart of the matter. They weren’t aggressive, they were structured and progressive, making sure that we got the answers to the questions we were asking"

Images courtesy of The Globe and Mail

For further information contact:

Sarah Gilmour
Marketing & Communications Manager

t: +1 416 925 1424