The European Patent Office (EPO) transition programme, the Netherlands

Relocating 2,600 staff to 80,000m2 office tower

The European Patent Office (EPO) is building a new 80,000 m2 office tower to replace the existing 40 year old structure.

Key information

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Client’s requirements

Under the transition programme it will vacate current rented buildings and relocate 2,600 staff of which around 1,750 will move to the new office. Remaining staff will relocate to the adjacent existing office building. The objective is to achieve a smooth transition with satisfied end-users and minimum production down time.

  • 2,600 staff relocated
  • 80,000m² new built office

Our contribution

We designed a structured, transparent and uniform working method, supported by template documents, to embed consistency in FM transition related projects. We developed an implementation timeline on pre-transition, transition and post transition phases, covering different construction handover scenarios. Short, medium and long term document management solutions were developed based on effective management of information throughout its lifecycle.

In our procurement specialist role we are the link between transition team and procurement enhancing integration and collaboration. We combine business as usual tender management with consultancy advice to introduce greater adaption to market conditions and consistency in documents and processes.

Making the difference

Our successfully designed solutions combine best practice with a pragmatic interpretation accepting the EPO’s organisational structure and constraints in limitations to change opportunities. This was achieved through a multi-skilled team supported by a flexible reach back of subject matter experts.

Continuing a strong client relationship we now play an integral role in the implementation and delivery of the transition project management plan.

“Turner & Townsend’s team was very professional in its approach and able to quickly develop a hands-on project methodology to support our transition activities.”

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