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The implementation of Integrated Rapid Transport (IRT) systems in the city of Cape Town

The City of Cape Town is improving public transport connectivity throughout the city by creating vital public transport links, that are affordable, between historically disadvantaged communities and economic opportunities.

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Cape Town, South Africa
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Project management, cost control, schedule control

Improving Cape Town’s transport system

The City’s Transport Directorate has planned the roll-out of the Integrated Rapid Transit (IRT) System, called MyCiTi, in four different phases. The service aims to provide access to affordable mass transportation for about 40 percent of the city’s population. The first phase has been completed while the second phase has reached the detailed design and construction stage.

The investment of implementing a quality public transport solution, with dedicated infrastructure, will unlock an estimated 40,000 new job opportunities during construction and 5,000 when in operation. This will contribute to the empowerment of previously disadvantaged groupings.

Connecting communities

The Phase 2 programme aims to bring safe, reliable, quality public transport to the high density population in the metro south-east and improve access to economic opportunities for these residents.

Due to apartheid era town planning, the most disadvantaged people live in townships outside of the city centre and neighbouring areas with little or no economic activity. This means they spend more time and money on commuting. For these communities, money spend on getting to work is a significant percentage of their total monthly income.

Programme roll-out

We are managing the overall Phase 2 programme for the development and commissioning of the IRT system through the Project Management Office (PMO).

We will also develop a project work plan to monitor and assure the delivery of the project objectives. This will include implementation methodology, information sharing and knowledge transfer, day-to-day project controls, change control, risk management, schedule management, multi-year budget and cash flow planning, dashboard reporting and performance measurement and interface management.

The City’s IRT programme is linked to a three-year capital budget and the receipt of grant funding subject to periodic review. We developed a multi-year budget and cash flow planning tool to model various financial, scope and schedule scenarios to realign the Phase 2 implementation programme with the revised financial allocations.

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Karien Pauw
Senior Project Manager

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