Breaking records in Australia

The Sydney Metro Northwest project is setting new benchmarks for rail construction in Australia. The 23km passenger train line is the largest public transport infrastructure project currently under construction in the country, and we’re helping make it a reality.

Key information

Location: Sydney

Date started: 2009

Completion date: Ongoing

Key services: Cost and commercial management

Scheduled for completion in late 2019, the new rapid transit system will:

This includes the longest rail tunnels ever built in Australia, comprising 15km of dual tunnels running between the Sydney suburbs of Bella Vista and Epping. The work to create 2.8 million tonnes of crushed rock, and every bit will be reused, with nothing going to landfill.

Working as the cost advisors/planners since 2011, we form part of a multi-disciplinary project team involved in delivering an ambitious, complex scheme that will change the area forever. We were recently appointed to a delivery management role for the Operations, Trains and Systems PPP Contract.

  • 23km passenger train line
  • 15km dual tunnels between Sydney suburbs of Bella Vista and Epping
  • 14 million predicted reduction in car trips per year after opening
  • 145,000 additional jobs created as a result of the project in the region by 2036

Setting up for success - on the money, from the outset

We’ve been involved in the project from the start – assisting the project team to manage the project budget to demonstrate to the taxpayers they’re receiving maximum value for money.

Global standards of cost efficiency were achieved by benchmarking costs on an element-by-element basis with the best-in-class costs from comparable programs in our global portfolio.

Making the difference

For further information contact:

Nikki Ward
Associate Director

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