Stellenbosch University LSS Neelsie PV project, South Africa

Reducing the university’s carbon emissions and energy costs.

The LSS Neelsie photovoltaic (PV) solar rooftop project is the latest capital investment scheme aimed at reducing carbon emissions and energy costs on the Stellenbosch University campus.

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The building was identified as the ideal location for the university’s first PV project given the available roof size and its access to peak sun hours. The result of the installation is a total of 391 kWp being fed directly into the LSS Neelsie PV system, reducing the building’s reliance on fossil fuel by approximately 25 percent. 

Meeting Stellenbosch University’s energy demand 

In South Africa, the national utility provider Eskom is responsible for over 95 percent of all electrical energy, with fossil-fuelled power plants accounting for more than 80 percent of total generation. Stellenbosch University in the Western Cape is a good example of how South African enterprises, institutions, and organisations can use renewable energy sources to assure not only their own but the country's overall sustainability. 

In accordance with global climate change targets and its overarching sustainability goals, the university intends to identify and reduce gross emissions while also improving overall energy efficiency.  

To address its sustainability goals and to reduce its carbon footprint, Stellenbosch University has initiated several energy-efficient projects across its Stellenbosch, Bellville, and Worcester campuses which, over the next decade, will minimise emissions and operational expenses. 

Support to a valued client 

We project managed this initiative from inception through to close out – one of many projects we have delivered on behalf of the university over the past five years. Our team is currently managing 40 projects across the Stellenbosch campus, ensuring they are delivered on time and within budget. 

Delivering green real estate 

Stellenbosch University’s drive to reduce its carbon footprint, implement various energy-saving initiatives and reduce its electrical consumption, aligns with our strategy to lead the industry in completing sustainable projects and future-proofing capital assets for a zero-carbon emissions future. 

We continue to work closely with the university to identify green initiatives across its three campuses as part of its sustainability strategy. 

Nadeem Gafieldien, Director of Property Services, Stellenbosch University said:

“Stellenbosch University is committed to attaining the objectives of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development goals (UN SDGs). Demonstrating this commitment, we have initiated several strategies, plans, and projects to set us on an environmentally-sustainable trajectory and ensure the institution operates in the most environmentally and financially sustainable way moving forward.  

“Initiatives include a recently completed carbon footprint greenhouse gas report, a soon-to-be-completed environmental sustainable plan, and a roadmap to net-zero carbon.” 

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