Siemens - Bilkent Integrated Health Campus, Turkey

Informing key investment decisions through technical due diligence

We were appointed to provide technical due diligence for the Ankara Bilkent Integrated Health Campus Project through the public-private partnership model by analysing the Special Purpose Vehicle's (SPV) offer in respect to its professional, technical and economic and financial capabilities.

Key information

Ankara, Turkey
Date started:
Completion date:
Client type:
  • 20,000 visitors per day
  • 1,350 doctors on-site per day
  • 2,750 nurses on-site per day
  • £1 billion project value

Client requirement

The SPV’s subject matter and scope consists of the financing, designing, constructing and operating of the health facility and external facilities as well as the supply of medical equipment.

We conducted the analysis of its capabilities by reviewing the accuracy and consistency of:

  • the contract
  • payment mechanism model
  • architectural design
  • geotechnical design
  • engineering design
  • building service design
  • construction cost
  • construction programme
  • O&M service
  • life cycle cost.

In addition, we evaluated reasonable acceleration measures to shorten the construction period by 12 months from 42 months to 30 months.

Our contribution

Our skills and experience mean we were able to perform a qualified in-depth review of the provided documents following a risk assessment.

The output from the technical due diligence was a key element of the client’s decision to invest in the Ankara Bilkent Integrated Health Campus Project.