Shell Headquarters, The Hague

Delivering a new headquarters for a multinational company to meet the needs of a modern workforce

Building a modern and sustainable headquarters complex for employees and visitors, which drives business through improved collaboration, productivity, affiliation and employee experience.

Key information

The Hague, Netherlands
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Real Estate
Main services:
Project management, cost and commercial management

Client's requirement

Multinational energy company Shell is investing in its global headquarters in The Hague, as it seeks to further strengthen its position as an international energy company, with plans to create a modern campus over the next five to seven years.

The Netherlands is home to the company’s expanding new energies business, and this, coupled with wider growth across other sectors, means a modern, sustainable headquarters building is essential.

Shell wants to provide a holistic user experience at the new campus, where employees and visitors can eat, work, live and play, transforming the way people interact with the space.

Feedback from staff indicated that the current design of the building needed to be improved, and plans have been made to create a vibrant and energetic environment that will support organisational cohesion, efficiency and innovation. Among a range of innovations, Shell is aiming to shift from using work stations to over approximately 30 work settings in order to promote better use of space.

The new headquarters campus will consist of four buildings, totalling approximately 110,000 sqm, with offices as well as space for learning and employee amenities, and car parks. Rather than being designed by task, the campus will be defined through different energy levels, including its outside space, which will range from active zones on the urban-facing front, and quiet areas.

Our contribution

The four buildings are in various stages of development, from initial stage through to construction. Our team provided full project and cost management services and used its expertise to review the development programme and provide options to streamline and add efficiency. There are additional challenges to be overcome as staff needs to remain in situ while the work is carried out.

Making the difference

In the initial stages, we helped Shell to make the right decisions on the optimum procurement strategy and execution, taking due consideration for an overheated market. We further supported Shell in contract negotiations to achieve the best commercial results for the project.

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