Purolator’s new logistics hub, Canada

A world-class parcel-sorting facility.  

Leading logistics company, Purolator, announced a new CAD$1bn investment to replace its existing sortation hub in Toronto, Canada as part of its growth strategy in 2018.  

Key information

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Real estate
Main services:
project controls, cost and commercial management, lending services, procurement, programme management, programme strategy and set-up, project management and process integration.

As a cornerstone of the company’s growth strategy, the new sorting hub will provide a generational step change for Purolator to triple its capacity through one of its most significant distribution hubs in the country. The project will provide greater automation, create a hub that meets current environmental and sustainability considerations and create a world-class working environment. 

Responding to global challenges 

The pandemic was the largest single risk factor for the project, with the province and country entering lockdown in March 2020. The Greater Toronto Area was subject to one of the longest lockdowns in North America, which impacted all projects.  Our teams’ ability to identify the risks associated and communicate with the necessary stakeholders including all the city departments handling perimetry and pivot to the new situation resulted in the prompt acquisition of building permits.

This came at a time when Government services were limited, and delays could mean price escalations and changes to contingency costs. Our prompt action set the tone for the rest of the project, allowing it to be delivered, from ground-breaking to commissioning, in just 18 months.  

Collaborating for quick decision making 

Our team was initially engaged to provide project controls support, including cost, schedule, and risk controls, while the project was already in-flight.  Our role progressively expanded to provide full project and programme management support to Purolator.

This model ensured our team always had the latest information and created a close working relationship that allowed for quick decision-making. This in turn helped the team to navigate and overcome supply chain complexities, increasing inflation and other project challenges. 

Structuring the team for success 

With innovation at the heart of what we do, the project team leveraged a combination of virtual reality, online and real-world environments to orient and train employees. This allowed for a prompt and seamless transition into general operations. 

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