Supporting the delivery of upstream oil and gas and social infrastructure projects

Oil Search Ltd is an integrated oil and gas company with operating assets in Papua New Guinea (PNG). 

Key information

Date started: 2016

Completion date: 2019

Client type: Oil and gas

Key services: Project management, cost and commercial management

Client’s requirements

In 2016, following a period of business transformation, Oil Search Ltd (OSL) decided to engage a project management consultant to support development across their portfolio. Turner & Townsend was commissioned to assist with delivery of a range of upstream oil and gas and social infrastructure projects.

Our contribution

Our services to date have covered a mix of asset types and project management disciplines, including project management services across several upstream oil and gas front-end loading studies. In addition, we have produced a detailed proprietary estimating database for OSL to capture project metrics of previous upstream projects delivered by OSL in PNG. This database is enabling the development of a forward estimating tool to plan and control project costs.

Turner & Townsend supported the tender evaluation of a new engineering, procurement and construction and maintenance contractor for OSL’s operations in PNG and has recently commenced providing project assurance across OSL’s portfolio. Turner & Townsend also provide the project management of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Haus project in Port Moresby on behalf of OSL. APEC Haus is a strategic social infrastructure project that will enable PNG to host the APEC summit in 2018. It is a key project under the PNG Government’s Infrastructure Tax Credit Scheme.

Making the difference

OSL has embraced our willingness and capacity to mobilise a multidisciplinary team on a variable demand basis to meet their diverse needs. From a project management perspective, we have integrated effectively into OSL’s team and culture to support delivery of required project outcomes and stakeholder requirements.

"Oil Search’s engagement with Turner & Townsend has enabled our business to develop a greater project management capacity, including the creation of a proprietary estimating database incorporating project metrics from our experience in the PNG Highlands.”

For further information contact:

Nikki Ward
Associate Director, Marketing and Business Development

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