Porsche Experience Centre, Canada

Redefining the automotive industry to go beyond the traditional showroom.

For decades, the automotive industry has kept a relatively traditional approach to the market. The transformation of traditional retail to immersive experience centres is becoming key to market success and brand enhancement. Porsche's investment in ‘experience centres’ around the world aims to redefine the customer experience, enabling Porsche enthusiasts and potential clients to admire current and historic vehicles, stop by for a coffee, browse the Porsche shop for branded merchandise or experience the brand from within a car on the demonstration track.

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real estate
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Transforming the customer experience

The experience centres are changing the way Porsche goes to market, with the PEC Toronto becoming the tenth of its kind globally.

Far more than just a shop, the experience centre is a brand park and tourist destination where visitors can experience the dynamics and technology of Porsche sports cars first-hand with expert guidance from instructors through various driving modules.

The future ‘Porsche Experience Centre Toronto’ will be built on land in suburban Toronto and become a tourist destination. The 20-acre site where the centre will be located will also include more than 400,000 square feet of retail space, a casino, a concert hall and a luxury hotel integrated with the Durham Live development.

Unique investment

Over the last two years, we have helped Porsche navigate the market through uncertain and volatile times, reviewing costs and revising the development plans for this unique investment to keep the project on budget and to schedule.

Rather than being considered a commercial building, the development is zoned as a tourist attraction. Together with special protected natural heritage sites adjacent to the development these particularities have created a unique and challenging approvals process.

We have helped Porsche to navigate this challenge, with a specific approvals strategy meant to expedite permits, working with the city for conditional approvals.

We have also worked with stakeholders to understand the different  approaches to delivery, incorporated a partnership model in contracts and vendor procurement and have implemented a transparent design and cost approach.

Positive impact

The overall development will provide a positive impact on the surrounding area. Porsche has created a design and approach to attract new customers to its iconic brand.

The purpose of the development is to attract visitors and enthusiasts from across North America and generate a tourist economy for the local area.

Porsche also intends to offer a charging destination on the site, encouraging further infrastructure to support the budding electric vehicle market. 

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