Panasonic Project Kansas, USA

Developing a new lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility to add critical capacity to the US EV battery supply chain

With approximately 2.5 million electric vehicles (EVs) currently operating in the United States, this number needs to increase twentyfold by 2030 if the country’s net-zero targets have a chance of being met. Creating EV battery manufacturing infrastructure is a vital part of the equation. 


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Kansas, USA
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real estate
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cost and commercial management, procurement, project management

Building for sustainability

Construction of Panasonic Energy’s new $4bn manufacturing facility in the city of De Soto, Kansas is an important step in meeting the growing demand for lithium-ion batteries in the United States. Site remediation started in October 2022 and construction of the 447,000 m2 factory began in early 2023. The facility is forecast to be in mass production by 2025. With an annual production capacity of about 30 GWh the plant will supply EV manufacturers across the United States.

Driving local regeneration

The facility is a demonstration of Panasonic’s Green IMPACT initiative which targets reducing the company’s CO2 emissions to virtually net zero by 2030 and contributing 300 million tons of avoided emissions by 2050.

The facility will provide 4,000 direct jobs and a similar number of indirect jobs. It is the largest, most expensive, single construction development in Kansas’s history and when operational, Panasonic will be one of the largest private employers in the state.

Delivering global best practice

Initially required to carry out an estimate review on the facility’s development, our role has expanded to include cost and commercial management, procurement and project management services. Leveraging our experience with similar large-scale projects, we are bringing global best practice combined with deep local market knowledge to what will be one of the largest, most advanced EV battery manufacturing facilities in the world.

Carl Walton, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives & Facilities, Panasonic Energy of North America, said:

Turner & Townsend integrated themselves smoothly into our construction management team. Spanning multiple functions, their team has performed with great professionalism, industry knowledge and a strong sense of ownership.

"The outstanding partnership we have with Turner & Townsend will play a key role in our success on this multibillion-dollar project."

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