Osaka World Expo 2025, Australia Pavilion, Japan

Showcasing Australia’s future to the world.

More than 28 million visitors are expected to attend World Expo 2025, Osaka Kansai, providing an important opportunity to advance Australia’s national interests both in Japan, one of Australia’s most important economic and strategic international partners, and internationally.

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Japan, Australia
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Real estate
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Controls and performance, cost and commercial management, procurement, programme management, project management

Australia on show

The Australian Pavilion will provide a platform to promote Australia as a place to visit, study, invest and do business, and highlight Australia’s strengths across diverse sectors.

The theme narrative, ‘Chasing the Sun’, will guide the design of Australia’s Pavilion and visitor experience in Osaka, which encapsulates both the power and beauty of the sun on the land and people over tens of thousands of years.

The Pavilion will be a symbol of the warmth, energy and optimism of the Australian people, and take design cues from Australia’s natural beauty, and act as a conduit for cultivating inspiration, creativity, and innovation.

Bringing the vision to life

To realise this vision, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) required a project management consultant to support the procurement, government approvals, design, construction, maintenance and decommissioning of the Pavilion.

We are supporting DFAT by developing procurement and implementation plans to enable the selection of a team which will deliver an iconic and innovative pavilion.

Our role includes advising on contract options to drive value for money and a robust procurement approach for subsequent design, construction and operations. This includes supporting project implementation, risk management, cost control, schedule management and providing project reporting advisory.

Creating the future

World Expo 2025 will create a space where people from around the world will not only view exhibits, but will co-create our future society through their ideas, innovation and by combining knowledge.

Image provided by: Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition

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