Water system programme, Africa

Empowering communities with increased water for irrigation and access to safe water for domestic use.

Nexus Green is a UK based renewable energy contractor, commissioned to develop up to 687 water supply systems for both domestic use and irrigation countrywide, utilising financing from UK Export Finance. The project is being implemented through the Ugandan Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE) over three years.

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A new model for ‘green’

A typical system consists of a water source, transmission pipeline, pumping to storage tanks, utilising solar energy, guardhouse, control room, latrine, and distribution networks. For irrigation systems, an on-farm irrigation network will be constructed.

This project is pioneering a new model of implementing green initiatives in Uganda and when successfully delivered has the potential to be rolled out on a larger scale which will steer the country towards achieving a more sustainable economy and environment.

It also has the potential to transform the lives of millions of Ugandans through increased water for irrigation for improved agricultural production as well as improved access to water for domestic use.

According to the World Bank, around 10 percent of Uganda’s population are affected by water scarcity each year. The new water systems will mitigate any risk of drought–induced food insecurity and secure much of the country's agricultural productivity through irrigation of high value crops -  which is the main source of income and employment for around 40 percent of Ugandans.

Community benefit

The project will have major benefits for young people and women as they are the groups usually tasked with fetching water and will empower them economically through increased production from irrigated growth of high value crops.

More jobs will also be created in the agricultural sector because of accessibility to water for irrigation, ultimately increasing Uganda’s overall GDP.

Providing support

Our role as a PMO (project management office) across the projects, working with an evolving organisation, requires us to go beyond our traditional advisory role and become fully integrated with the main contractor and work hand in hand to implement the work.   

We have provided support throughout the initial project phases from concept to financial close, through the preparation of bankable reports and documentation, such as the project execution plan.  

We continue to coordinate the procurement of design and supervision subcontractors, civil subcontractors, and suppliers in preparation for project implementation.

For further information contact:

Chris David Jones
Project Management Office Lead