New data centre facility, Telekomunikasi Indonesia

Spearheading international expansion

With growing demand and client requirements, Telin Singapore is expanding its data dentre operations into one greenfield 0.8ha site.

Key information

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Client’s requirements

Telin Singapore, a facilities-based operator (FBO) licensed by info-communications media development authority (IMDA) of Singapore, is the first overseas subsidiary that was incorporated as part of Telkom Indonesia Group to spearhead its international expansion programme. As a member of Telkom Group, Telin Singapore’s strategic focus is to provide Infocomm and connectivity services from Indonesia and beyond. Telin Singapore has developed its own cable landing station within Singapore in 2008 and its first data centre located in Changi.

The project consists of a large Uptime Institute certified multi-tier (Tier III and Tier IV) data centre facility. The concurrent maintainable facility will be capable of offering disaster recovery services to Telin Singapore’s clients. As a carrier neutral facility, it will also have multiple Meet-Me-Rooms, 24/7 operations command centre, and also its own cable landing point.

Telin Singapore has recently achieved BCA-IMDA Green Mark Platinum accreditation, which in turn has led to stringent MEP design and energy optimisation.

Our contribution

Core to the success of this project is detailed key stakeholder management and education as to how the project can be delivered effectively, along with meeting JTC, MAS and local development guidelines for the various approval gateways.

We have been engaged to manage the project team and work closely with Telin Singapore to drive the project to success.

The role on this project is wide ranging, from concept to completion and incorporates:

  • Manage the project team throughout the project life cycle, ensuring client requirements are met, along with timely delivery.
  • Liaise with the client and consultants to determine initial requirements and subsequent development from concept design to detailed design.
  • Provide strategic programme support development of in-depth programme to ensure all deliverables are achieved from both client and consultant side.
  • Map out detailed summary of sign off gateways via Aconex workflow.
  • Develop effective project execution plan and implemented project management processes.

Making the difference

  • Providing detailed information around project processes and developing understanding within the Telin Singapore team
  • Leading the team through complex approvals processes with governmental authorities and also within Telin Singapore.
  • Provided resource within our team to deliver specialist project management, cost and commercial management and data centre advice.
  • Working with the consultants on a very challenging environment to overcome the design and the construction issues.

For further information contact:

Nurwirda Donlon

Nurwirda Donlon
Associate Director

t: +65 6496 6300