Misk Schools Campus, Saudi Arabia

Setting new standards for education

The Misk Foundation was established by Saudi crown prince, Mohammad bin Salman a decade ago to focus on education, culture and media philanthropy. Misk wants to set a new standard for non-profit private education in Saudi Arabia and establish one of the top 10 schools globally. Its new campus, in the heart of Riyadh, is intended to pave the way for Saudi Arabia’s future innovators and leaders. 

Key information

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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Client type:
real estate
Main services:
cost and commercial management

Dynamic location 

The new Misk Schools campus location will be within the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Nonprofit City, an incubator district, which the foundation hopes will allow it to cultivate learning and leadership in young people. 

The schools campus will open its doors during the 2022-2023 academic year. When at full capacity, it will accommodate over 1000 students, both male and female. 

Quality facilities 

The 21-hectare site comprises nine school buildings for students aged three to 18 years, and each of the buildings are eco-friendly and digitally connected.

Every distinct school age-group area features academic classrooms, a library, art and design studios, science and food technology labs, Arabic culture hubs, IT suite and music room.

Each also has a kitchen to support the school’s “farm to table” initiative, and there are sports facilities to cater for 29 summer Olympic sports. In addition, there are numerous outdoor and indoor areas for low impact exercise, all set in a landscaped environment planted with over 1,000 trees.

Budget planning  

We have been commissioned to deliver full pre- and post-contract cost management services to ensure the project and its various assets are delivered on budget.

Utilising our regional international school experience and benchmarking data, we assisted Misk City in developing a budget to reflect the high standard educational facility it intends to develop. 

The project is still under construction, but we have enabled the client to maintain a robust programme through the design and procurement stages.

Our pro-active engagement with the market has enabled the client to achieve best value. 

For further information contact:

Matthew Hollands
Project Director