Greater Dunlin Area decommissioning, North Sea

Maximising success

In 2015, Fairfield announced the decommissioning of its Dunlin platform and associated infrastructure comprising the Greater Dunlin Area.

Key information

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Oil and gas
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Project management

Client’s requirements

Like all North Sea operators, Fairfield Energy is obliged to dismantle and remove their offshore installations at the end of field life. 

Decommissioning poses many complex engineering and technological challenges with limited historical experience and availability of data. As one of the first North Sea operators to undertake a decommissioning project, many are watching their progress.

Fairfield identified the need for a partner who could help them build in-house capabilities in key areas, develop robust project processes, and establish cost and schedule predictability.

  • +200 key stakeholders identified for consultation to optimise solutions and facilitate quality decision-making
  • 61 wells to be plugged and abandoned

Our contribution

Our early services included independent risk advice at Fairfield’s internal peer review of their estimate and schedule, helping to identify sufficient strategic information to maximise the project’s chance of success.

We also evaluated the planning and reporting structures, recommending best practice processes to provide visibility of cost, schedule and performance for the life of the project.

We continue to support with services including cost estimating and project planning utilising our knowledge of the sector and experience of decommissioning projects in the Gulf of Mexico and Kazakhstan. A key objective of the project is to embrace a culture of sharing with other companies involved in decommissioning. We are facilitating knowledge transfer and the adoption of industry recognised work breakdown structures to enable future benchmarking.


Making the difference

We’re helping Fairfield reach each project milestone with flexible resources we can deploy as and when required. Our risk and project strategy experience brought independent technical expertise to Fairfield’s peer review process, improving confidence and helping to set the project up for success. Our team is also supporting the selection of the optimum decommissioning strategy by providing expertise in estimating, comparative analysis, effective planning and best practices in cost management and systems. Applying our expertise and knowledge gained through collaborative working, we are helping Fairfield control the risk and uncertainty inherent in decommissioning projects.

"At Fairfield Energy, we are building and fostering world-class expertise in the business of North Sea decommissioning. A traditional project approach is not appropriate for decommissioning. Turner & Townsend are supporting the project in developing fit for purpose planning and cost estimating processes which suits the various tempos of the project. The flexible resourcing model has ensured we have the resource we need at the right time."

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