One of the largest Universities (GCU) in Scotland has transformed its city centre estate following a series of landmark projects.

We’ve worked with the University from project inception to completion.

Key information

Date started: 2011

Completion date: 2016

Client type: Education

Key services: Project management

  • £35 million Value

Client’s requirements

GCU is one of the largest Universities in Scotland, with 17,000 students and 1,450 members of staff. The university has transformed its city centre estate following a series of landmark projects delivered through its ambitious Campus Futures initiative.

The Heart of Campus (HOC) is the signature development for the Campus Future’s project. It has created a connected social setting at the heart of the campus. HOC provides enhanced social, learning, and teaching provision, arranged around focal point garden courtyards.

Our contribution

We’ve worked with the University from project inception and completion, procuring and managing the multi-disciplinary design team and main contractor. 

Making the difference

Innovation: Our design approach in opening up the lower floors of the George Moore Building has transformed how students and staff circulate through the campus and how they interact and enjoy the courtyard gardens. They have become places to occupy rather than look at.

Innovative design thinking and solutions were used to ‘carve’ new routes through highly complex, existing building structures, ensuring that the building achieved DDA compliance.

Collaboration: We championed a collaborative working approach throughout the design development and construction stages.

Extensive consultation with staff and students at design stages and throughout the project ensured that the completed project was fit for purpose. It allowed development of a detailed works sequencing strategy, minimising the impact on the student experience during construction.

Efficiencies: The installation of a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) energy centre and district heating network links all buildings across campus into a shared and sustainable energy network, helping to reduce GCU’s carbon footprint. It’s also used as a learning and research resource for students.

Rationalisation: The project has included the relocation of approximately 350 staff and research students from nearby rented accommodation back on campus, which involved complex moves and refurbishments. This has helped the University to achieve a £1 million per annum saving on rental & service charges.

Savings / Programme Improvement: The completed CHP Project is currently realising £250k per annum on electricity savings. It also supplies 100% of hot water needs at no cost to the University.