Taking USA gas global for Freeport LNG Development.

The shale gas revolution has fundamentally changed the US gas market, with current estimates suggesting the country has enough natural gas reserves to last 100 years. The increase in domestic natural gas resources has caused prices to fall, creating an opportunity to export US gas in the form of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Freeport LNG Development, L.P. operates a world-class LNG receiving and regasification terminal in Texas.

Key information

Date started: 2010

Completion date: Ongoing

Key services: Cost and commercial management, controls and performance

About the programme

In 2010, the business launched a multibillion-dollar natural gas liquefaction project, to enable it to export LNG. Freeport LNG appointed us to provide a comprehensive, fully integrated project controls and cost management service, helping reduce the risk and potential impact of cost and schedule overruns, while optimising investment for the project.

Having Turner & Townsend work jointly with our advisors to define the project cost not only gave us the confidence required to negotiate and finalise the contract price, but also allowed us to secure significant savings on such costs within the budget. Mark Mallett, Senior Vice President of Operations and Projects Freeport LNG Development

Making the difference


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