Refining project delivery to drive efficiency and build capability

ElectraNet is an electricity transmission specialist that owns and operates more than AUD2.5bn of electricity assets in South Australia. We're helping to refine its project delivery and project systems to drive efficiency and build capability.

Key information

Location: Australia

Completion date: Ongoing

The Australian electricity industry is going through a period of change. With the maturity of power grids in Australia, regulatory investment is moving from large, complex, capital projects on greenfield sites to a higher number of smaller investments to maintain and upgrade existing assets.

ElectraNet also delivers projects for non-regulated customers in the natural resources and infrastructure sectors.

We are helping to refine its project delivery, creating a single, integrated model and systems for delivering all projects within the business to drive efficiency and build capability.

Making the difference

Turner & Townsend has demonstrated the value of bringing project delivery expertise and industry best practice to ElectraNet with a dynamic, engaged team that gets us. The knowledge sharing is benefitting our business. Simon Emms Executive Manager Network Services, ElectraNet

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