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Improving connectivity and reducing car use in Scotland’s capital

The Edinburgh Trams York Place to Newhaven project completes the originally envisaged phase 1a of the Edinburgh trams network, providing the area with a first-class, fully integrated transport system needed to provide an attractive and sustainable transport option within Scotland’s fastest-growing city.

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Improved connections

Since launching in 2014, Edinburgh Trams has become an essential part of Edinburgh’s transport network and completing the 4.69km route to Newhaven will provide a direct link for the people of Leith to the city centre and out to the airport, and connect residents and visitors to major employment and travel hubs.

The route includes two new sub-stations, eight new tram stops and a tram stabling, and the completed line will serve one of the most densely populated areas of the city, providing high-capacity public transport and unlocking a large swathe of the city for housing development and employment opportunities.

Benefits for the city

We are providing a multi-disciplinary managed delivery unit comprising project management, construction management, controls and performance management and cost management, working closely with the Council’s project sponsor, finance and procurement teams in the development of a contracting and delivery strategy, development of the contracts through procurement and currently managing the ongoing construction stage.

The tram project has significant strategic and economic benefits for the city, including linking key investment zones, connecting employment destinations, reducing reliance on cars, and improving access to the city centre.

Hannah Ross, Senior Responsible Officer, City of Edinburgh Council:

Turner & Townsend has performed a key role in the Tram to Newhaven project so far with its continued involvement since the delivery of the first phase of tram, and throughout the approval process for the project, meaning essential knowledge and experience has been retained.

"It has fully engaged with a positive ethos of collaborative working amongst the Council, contractors and consultants alike and, having fully supported delivery of the Tram to Newhaven business case, continues to deliver on project, cost and programme management.  The Turner & Townsend team is key to successful project delivery, sitting across all levels of project delivery and building strong and productive relationships with the Council, contractors, consultants and other key stakeholders."

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Steven Jackson
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