Department of Water Affairs, South Africa

Ensuring access to clean water and sanitation for all South Africans

As well as ensuring all South Africans have access to clean water and safe sanitation, the Department of Water Affairs (DWA) is tasked with promoting effective and efficient resource management, helping to drive sustainable economic and social development.

Key information

South Africa
Date started:
Completion date:
Client type:
Main services:
Programme management, advisory, cost and commercial management

Client’s requirements

The DWA engaged Turner & Townsend to extend assist in the roll-out of the standardised approach to other regional programmes, such as NEPAD programmes related to the Sanitation Targets of the Millennium Development Goal.

Our contribution

Consultancy services provided to the DWA include advisory, programme management and commercial. This has involved conducting performance and compliance audits relating to governance, which has enabled the client to benchmark project management performance.

Specific services included:

  • advising on procurement procedures, contractual requirements and dispute resolution
  • compiling a manual of management toolkits and framework guidelines to increase the DWA’s capability to meet increased demand
  • developing the pipeline procurement tool that automatically produces procurement schedules 
  • centralising and automating the billing system
  • introducing transparency measures to increase the efficiency the business unit by integrating 150 stand alone processes

Making the difference

By providing the DWA with industry-leading services, and helping it to develop unique tools across a variety of functions, we have not only been able to assist the delivery of current projects, but we have also ensured that the DWA’s future capability can meet its requirements.

We have provided the DWA with the tools and the skills to achieve its vision of becoming a dynamic, people-orientated department who effectively manage the nation’s water in both the short and the long term.