Denver International Airport Capital Improvement Plan, USA

Working to help one of America’s busiest airports welcome 100 million passengers a year.

Denver International Airport (DEN) is embarking on an ambitious strategic plan over the next 10 years, Vision 100, that will enable the airport to prepare for and reach 100 million passengers annually - a target it plans to hit in the next 8-10 years.

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Denver, Colorado
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Forward vision

DEN’s Vision 100 is centred around four key pillars:

  • Powering our people, which is about looking after staff, partners and neighbouring communities
  • Growing our infrastructure, which is about accommodating more passengers
  • Maintaining what we have, which focuses on taking care of existing assets
  • Expanding global connections, that is, using the location and extensive land parcels around the airport to expand the air service network and grow cargo operations.

The next three to five years of the capital improvement plan includes projects that deliver outcomes aligned with these pillars and wider Vision 100 objectives.

They include building a Centre of Excellence and Equity in Aviation to provide career opportunities for the community, and completing the gate expansion programme and other major infrastructure projects to accommodate the growing airlines at DEN.

Providing opportunity

We are engaged in this next phase as the sole provider of programme and project controls. We are supporting the enhancement of the project management office (PMO) service delivery by helping DEN put robust controls in place, as well as effective and timely performance measurement.

We are proud to involve several local minority or women-owned businesses who are supporting us in delivering project controls at DEN, and which will ultimately make up 35 percent of revenue participation.

Economic benefit

DEN is the economic engine for the region, generating $33bn a year, employing nearly 30,000 people and supporting almost 260,000 jobs.

As it increases passenger numbers and global connections, the airport hopes to create more economic, business, education and cultural opportunities for the local community.

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