De Beers global mine closure programme

Managing mine closures across the world, for a world leading diamond company.

We are supporting De Beers to leave a positive legacy in the communities it works in – to help create a sustainable, thriving future for the surrounding environment and the local community.

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Natural resources
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Controls and performance, programme management

Creating a sustainable legacy

The integrated planning and management of mine rehabilitation and closure is recognised as an essential aspect during all phases of the mining lifecycle. The process includes regulatory and environmental compliance, post-mining land use and socio-economic plans to rehabilitate the land and support local communities through the transition.

International diamond company De Beers is currently in the process of closing three mines across Canada and South Africa, as well as continued mine closure planning across their wider portfolio.

Ensuring adequate capital is set aside and controlling those costs over the course of rehabilitation works is a major challenge due to the changing circumstances and risk involved with mining operations.

A global approach

In recognising its responsibility in improving global perspectives and best practices for mine decommissioning, demolition, and reclamation, De Beers commissioned us to set up a closure programme management office (CPMO).

Treating the projects as a programme of work, the aim is to deliver a consistent approach to closure cost data, schedule visibility and risk management, while helping mine closure programmes adapt to changing priorities. The work is expected to take almost a decade.

Improving standards

De Beers understands the needs and concerns of the local communities around its mining operations, building relationships for effective communication. The sensitive management of mine closures in both environmental and socioeconomic ways is part of that work.

Through the visibility of performance data, we are supporting this industry-leading company to drive cost efficiencies, manage closure schedules, reduce risk and improve standards in mine closure.

Through the CPMO, De Beers is now able to provide consistency in the way it manages the various projects, while accurately tracking cost, schedule and change across individual projects. This rigour and consistency provides greater confidence as it works towards upcoming closure projects across multiple continents.

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