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Aiming for excellence in mine closure operations

World leading diamond company De Beers has a global approach to production that spans two continents and four countries - Canada, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. But mine operations are finite, and the integrated planning and management of mine rehabilitation and closure is globally recognised as an essential aspect during all phases of the mining lifecycle.  

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natural resources
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advisory, controls and performance, cost and commercial management, programme management, project management

Resolving cost issues 

De Beers is actively closing two mines in Canada and one in South Africa. Estimating closure costs and ensuring adequate capital is set aside to cover the cost of rehabilitation works is a major challenge due to the changing circumstances and risk involved with mining operations

Pursuing best practice 

In recognising its commitment to local communities and its responsibility to contribute to the mining industry’s effort to improve global perspectives and best practices for mine decommissioning, closure, and reclamation, De Beers approached us to set up its Global Project Management Office (PMO) for its Mine Closure programme. 

We assessed the existing programme’s maturity by engaging with more than 20 key stakeholders to determine the in-house capability and capacity. We then established the closure PMO and provided key project management services across two global locations. 

Delivering consistency 

As the closure PMO service provider, we have enabled process efficiencies through implementing governance that has driven consistency and standards across the programme management and project controls procedures.

The outcome is the establishment of cost, schedule and risk baselines, an increased ability to scrutinize deliverables, and a benchmark against global best practice.  

Through the development and implementation of multi-disciplinary integrated dashboards we have enabled faster decision making across the De Beers mine closure portfolio.

Each year we measure programme management maturity to assess the tangible impacts of the PMO. Since 2019, we have seen a 173 percent improvement in maturity.  

The company is now able to track the progress of individual projects and has a consolidated view across the full mine closure programme.

By providing visibility of performance data, we are supporting this industry-leading miner to drive cost efficiencies, reduce risk and improve standards in mine closure. 

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Troy Dunow
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