BMW - office space strategy, Munich, Germany

Developing a long-term office space strategy at BMW's 2,700 person workspace in Munich.

As well as production lines, logistic areas and service areas, the BMW factory in Munich contains 33,000m² of office space, providing approximately 2,700 workplaces.

Key information

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Corporate and office

Situated next to the BMW headquarters, close to the city-centre and amidst a residential area, the plant lacks the possibility for growth. Because of this, a primary aim of the project was to reveal potential work space optimisations.

Turner & Townsend was commissioned to assess the workplace situation in the factory, highlight the potentials within the different buildings and then develop a long-term office space strategic plan, incorporating all existing office buildings.

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Our contribution

We first gathered, sorted and summarised data on the office space using a consistent structure and standardised building descriptions. This was substantiated by field inspections.

Based on the visualisation of the existing buildings, we presented an overview of a variety of potential configurations, along with general building data. Amongst the potentials are vacancies as well as possibilities to combine single offices into open-space offices, or to condense existing open space offices according to BMW work-space frameworks.

At the same time the relationship of individual divisions amongst each other and relative to the production-lines was analysed and rated in cooperation with the Munich plant.

Departments which could possibly be removed from the plant were also identified.

In the final step, the buildings with high density or conversion potential were assessed regarding their location within the plant. From the collected data we created an office space strategy for the coming ten years.

  • 33,000m² office space
  • 2,700 workplaces

Making the difference

Turner & Townsend developed a tool which allows the client to update building data regarding building works, office movements or other changes.

This provides the opportunity to continuously show up-to-date building data and potentials within the plant. It also could be applied to other building and plants, providing the client with a standardised asset-management tool.

With our expertise in office and strategic planning, we have created a vision for the Munich site. BMW is now able to sustainably and efficiently develop the site regarding its office work-places.